Sunday, March 13, 2005

Influenza Day Six

Sigh, it still goes on.

Poor Amy has taken a turn for the worse. She came downstairs, flopped straight onto the couch and stayed there all day. Lena has a fever nearly as high, but acts normal. She has been going stir crazy - literally - she marched around and around the coffee table. She must have circuited it a hundred times. I think we dragged out every toy for her to play with, only to have her play with it for five minutes then get up and resume her mad marching.

I got to the dentist and he did something. Grinding and digging and screwing and god knows what, but it didn't hurt. I had to cancel my Keio lesson as we couldn't shift Amy and Kanji couldn't get hold of anyone to watch the Stand. In the evening Yoriko came with her receptionist, who was keen, but a little nervous. Yoriko's mother will start in April, and I will start the text then, so they can start together. Until then Naoyo will come to 'practice the alphabet'. I am not quite sure what that means, but I suppose it's my job to find out!

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