Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hospital Day Three

Was much the same as Day Two, right down to the tentative promise that she can go home tomorrow. Amy looks healthier, and is definitely coughing less. Looks like she's coming right. Kanji got a recommendation off an older asthma sufferer for a hospital in Fukuoka that specialized in asthma, where we can go and get a complete physical examination including blood and skin tests to try to find the trigger.

Me and Kanji have it worked out in two simple shifts. I am on the Day Shift - 10am to 6pm, two meals, one lot of medicine, several nebulizer treatments and dozens of toilet trips and walks, and endlessly trying to amuse her - on today's agenda, countless drawings, colouring, making up books, Lego, a Magnet balance game, puzzles, and a sticker book.

Kanji is on Night Shift, 6pm to 10am, which is longer, but he gets more rest than I do! Meanwhile, before and after my shift, I drive around doing errands, and try to stay on top of the housework at home. A hospitalization certainly does turn your life upside-down.

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