Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Influenza Day One

When I picked up Amy from kindy today she was crying and complaining of a heachache and sore neck. Since Kanji was off at the doctor's getting a drip and Tamiflu for Influenza, I pretty much knew what it was, so she rested over lunchtime and we took her to the pedicatric clinic as soon as it opened at 2pm.

By this time her fever was quite high, and she was so listless she could barely walk. I got her home and settled on the sofa - right next to Kanji who was also sleeping off a high fever. She had vomited in the car, so I left her to rest for a while before giving her her Tamiflu, plus a cough medicine and a fever medicine. I SO WISH I had remembered to get the children's panadol while in NZ - I have run out, and it is far more effective that the low-dose rubbish they give us here.

But all in all, with that sore neck I am glad I am not in NZ - I would be beside myself worried about meningitis. What a relief to know that the deadly, virulent strains of meningitis aren't in Japan, in fact, you don't even hear about it at all. Flu seems a lot rougher though - and this year's strain has defied the vaccine-makers, and people who were innoculated are getting it too.

Lena is staying the night with Baachan. She is stronger than Amy, but she got Flu last time, so I need to at least try to keep her away.

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