Saturday, March 26, 2005

Amy's Kindy Graduation

Yes, they hold a Graduation ceremony for Kindergarten!

It was held in the classroom (there are three classrooms with removable walls to make one big one), with the parents seated in rows at one end, and the children in a semi-circle with the teachers in front. After a speech from the principal, each child came up to receieve her certificate, a class photo, and their own hand-made prize - a plate with their handprint and the ABC written, by them, around the edges, and their own set of ABC cards.

Amy was the only girl in jeans - the others were wearing dresses or skirts or pinafores with tights. Somehow I had realized when the teacher told me not to bother getting dressed up, that all the mothers would anyway, so I wore nice pants and a sweater, but I didn't think about Amy. So there she was, buttons on her cardigan done up wrong, and someone had pulled her puppy tails (at least I put her hair up today!) and it was a bit fluffy.

Then all the teachers said a few words while the kids fidgeted and Amy yawned the longest yawn in the history of bored children listening to speeches, then children sang a few songs, and we all lined up outside for a group photo. Amy was excited about showing me her cards and plate, and sad that it was her last day, but she will see the kids next week at the English Playgroup.

We also went back to the hospital today for a check-up for Amy. The doctor said she was in good condition, but wants her to keep taking oral medicine for another month, with another check at the end of that, because asthma attacks are high at this time of year, with the change of seasons, and Amy's asthma appears to be seasonal.

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