Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hospital Day Four

After being told we might be able to go home today, we were disappointed by being told it would not be until Tuesday - because reception is closed until then. (Monday is a public holiday). The doctor could see I was diappointed and arranged for us to go on Monday, for which I am grateful, but I hope it hold out.

Amy is looking better, her cheeks are red, which she also commented on, remarking that it must have been the carrots she ate for lunch. In Japan, they say eating carrots makes your cheeks red.

Lena spent the day with us. She LOVES the hospital. Especially Yuu-kun, the little boy in the bed opposite Amy. They bonded today, and Lena spent half her time on HIS bed, reading train books with him, doing an Anpanman puzzle, playing with his cars and her Poohs. They even went to the toilet together, which was a laugh because when he saw her sitting on the loo he said "Where does she pee from?" Amy spent almost the whole day drawing and playing with cards, her favorite activities.

My friend's baby is Maguno Leon, the younger son of Raoul, the Mexican guy who runs the Mexican restaurant and my favourite bar Tropicoco. They are having a special renovation/4th anniversary party tonight, but me and Maguno's mum won't be going. Little Maguno is only three months, and he has asthma too.

My student Naoyo came fro her lesson, with a pile of paper for Amy. They have a printing shop, and she brought off-cuts. A wonderful pile of paper that will make Amy beam with pleasure. The way she gets excited about large amounts of blank paper, like the page off a calendar, reminds me of me when I was kid and drew all over everything too.

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