Saturday, March 12, 2005

Influenza Day Five

In some ways the worst day yet. Because the kids are getting better, so ALL day long we were stuck inside and they wanted to play and went through all their toys, and fought over them, and my flu was presenting today as a thick head, so every sound reverberated and bounced around inside my brain. Not pleasant.

They watched Cinderella in the morning, then we watched Peter Pan, the live-action Australian/British production which is EXCELLENT! We laughed and we cried and we cowered and Lena acutally whooped for joy with her arms in the air when Captain Hook went down the croc's gullet. I will never hire the Disney movie, and I believe all copies of that ridiculous 'Hook' should be destroyed.

I spent the rest of the day clearing out some of the unbelievable crap that came bundled with my computer, and I am now back to over 50% of C drive free, which I hope will speed things up again.

I fortified myself with panadeine and did my evening lesson, which was good because Yoriko is going to introduce me to a new student, maybe two (her receptionist and her mother). I hope to make a group of at least four. This will be for Saturday night.

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