Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hina Matsuri Party

Dolls' Festival is officially tomorrow, but today was the only day we were able to get together to have a party.

Traditionally Dolls' Festival is a family event in Japan, not a public one, and is celebrated at home with a small party. I got together with two of the mums from Amy's kindy, and we invited one of the teachers too.

We were going to have the party at another house, but at the last minute we changed to my house, as the first place was too far for the teacher to have time to come and then get back again for her afternoon's lesson. So what you see was the result of some very quick organization, shopping and cleaning!

The other mums had arranged the food already - we had fried chicken and sushi, and a sponge cake. I was bought drinks and sweets - we had a non-alcoholic version of the traditional white sake, and little sweet ball-shaped snacks.

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