Friday, March 18, 2005

Hosptial Day Two

Amy is doing much better today. She is more relaxed and not coughing nearly as much, although her face is pale and she has dark shadows under her eyes. She has been on the drip all day and she's a little trouper with it, careening down the hospital corridors dragging her stand behing her.

Of course she's bored out her brain. Being in the hospital is much like being on a plane - hours and hours of endless time to fill, then an hour or so of rushing around like a headless chicken (when I leave the hospital to get things and do shopping and laundry).

I got up there at 8:30 then promptly left again to do some more errands. I had to rush to get back so Kanji could get to work by 10:00. Then I got there, sat on the bed with Amy, and did we nothing for seven and a quarter hours. Amy drew pictures and coloured, played with her doll, played cards, and played lego. I read a book. After lunch I went down to the car to get the lego - and missed the doctor's round. I got back and the other ladies in the room (overflow from the general ward) told me what a good girl she had been.

We got shifted from that room down to one with kids in it at about 3:00. There is a nice girl about seven or eight in the next bed, a boy about six across the way and a toddler. A friend and her tiny three-month old baby are in the room opposite - he also has asthma.

Kanji came to relieve me at 5:15, and I went on another errand round. I had a quick dinner at Baachan's, took dinner back to the hospital with videos for Amy, her toothbrush and a few more things I had forgotten (I will have remembered to bring everything just before they tell us to go home...)The good news is that she may be home tomorrow!

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