Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Influenza Day Two

A very loooooooong slooooooooow day at home. I'm getting that headahce you get from being inside too long.

Amy has slept most of the day, and her fever remains high. When she wakes, I give her food and something to drink. She rejects most things except for ice cream, jelly, custard pudding and yogurt. So that's what she gets, along with sports drink and fruit juice.

Tamiflu seems to be making no difference. Maybe it's true what I heard someone say, "Five days flu with Tamiflu, five days flu without Tamiflu". What's the point? Only just-in-case, I suppose.

I am hoping her fever breaks because we will have to go back to the ped. clinic tomorrow if it does not, and she may have to have a drip - which she is going to hate of course. I must remember to packs lots of books and activites just in case we get stuck there all afternoon. I am supposed to go to the dentist tomorrow...

Meanwhile I have mostly been reading - a Where's Wally book! I got it for Amy at the library on Sunday, but of course she is in no mood to look for him. Also "The Myth of the First Three Years" a neuroscience/childcare/development book, and a new book arrived today, on the science and lore of the kitchen, which will sit on my kitchen shelf to be perused while pots boil.

Kanji is still here too, moping around, sleeping with Amy, eating, looking at websites. We all miss Lena like crazy - she went to Baachan's singing lesson with her, and they are not back yet! When she gets home, I should be able to amuse her with food and a bath to keep her away from Amy until bedtime.

Well I'm off to tend to my poor sick baby again

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