Friday, March 25, 2005

Gotcha! The elusive Bratz

Today Maika's mum Mayumi took us to Youme Town in Yukuhashi, where the shop assistant in Nakatsu had said the Bratz went, that day when I went in to finally buy them, only to find them gone.

We had MacDonalds first, twice in one week for us! Oh no, Supersize me!

Then we went upstairs to their Pelican store, and there they were - thankfully at the same super-cheap price as they were here. 1000 yen for two. I got three formal funks, a spring and a winter sasha, and three double sets of a slumber party + a Bratz boy. Now I just have to hope they sell on trademe for a good price.

We went to Maika's house afterwards to play. As we watched Back to the Future (which elicited a lot of very difficult questions that night at bedtime) a storm came - and it started to snow! This is most unprecedented - it should not be snowing here in March. I got a bit worried, as Maika's house is a 40minute drive from home. But it blew over in time for us to go home. It snowed that night, but mostly turned to ice, and iced up our car. When we drove out to go to kindy, ice kept flying off from other people's cars and crashing onto the road. When we got home, it was started to melt from the neighbor's roof, and fell crashing and splintering onto our driveway. I had to rush Lena into the house for fear of her getting whacked in the head by flying ice. Crazy weather.

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