Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hospital Day One

Amy was admitted to hospital for a severe asthma attack today. She had been coughing all night and I wondered if I should send her to kindy, but she seemed to come right after some ventolin so I took her. But at about 10:30 the kindy rang and said she was coughing too much, so I picked her up and took her straight to the pediatric clinic. There she had a nebulizer treatment and reveived the usual meds (Theodur and Mucosal/Berchin mix).

In the afternoon we went to Wakachan's for my cooking lessons and her daughter Kanchan's English lesson. Amy and Lena love going there - they get snacks and juice and play for a few hours, often watching a video as well. We took Bug's Life. But Amy just did not stop coughing, even after I gave her the medicine and more ventolin. She was getting sore and weak from the coughing, so I decided to take her to the hospital. The clinic was closed (Wednesday again) so we went to the public hospital again.

We had the same doctor Inoue again. Amy was coughing constantly by now, her chest was heaving and her belly rolling like a yogi with each breath. They gave her another nebulizer treatment and she stopped, which actually surprized both the doctor and I because her attack had been so severe. Much as I didn't want to stay at the hospital, I also didn't particulary want to go home with her in that state. I was muttering to the doctor about will we be able to just come back in the middle of the night if it gets bad again? He decided to give her some IV fluids since she was exhausted, and then decided to add some steroids. We were both just holding off admitting her I think.

This time I refused to leave when they put in the line. They had made me last time, or rather, I had not know why they were asking me to leave. This time, the nurse asked in such a way, that I could just answer 'dame' (no way) and I explained that I had promised her I would not leave her, and guess what? It was ten times better, she did not scream and fight, but was much calmer with me speaking calmly to her, telling her to look away, telling her how many times they stuck me with a needle when she was in my tummy, telling her it would be over soon, then making her smile by telling her she looked like a chritmas present all tied up in the restraint.

At about this time we pretty much decided to admit her, so I phoned Kanji (I had left Lena with Baachan) and he came up too. We talked about summer - what are we going to do? Go to NZ? But now for now's problems. He went home first, to eat, then I went to fetch Amy's things. Kanji stayed, which I found very hard, and still do. I don't like not being there. I wish Lena would hurry up and wake up, but she slept late last night, so she is catching up now.

Amy was pretty happy and comfortable when I left. She has the nebulizer there for when it gets too hard. I guess they will give her more IV steroids to strengthen her lungs, and start her on Theodur. I guess she will be there for a few days.

I hope to get to the hospital around 9, so I can drop by Keio and talk to the mums about the playgroup, which will have to be postponed, perhaps to next Tuesday.

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